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Treasure Bay Bintan -  Exotic, Inviting, Exciting

Treasure Bay is a 338-hectare waterfront resort city located on the Indonesian island of Bintan. The destination resort integrates wellness leisure, cultural, residential and commercial real estate supported by infrastructure to international standards. Treasure Bay Bintan offers a new excitement in Bintan for visitors and an amazing investment opportunity for investors.

Treasure Bay Bintan’s many investment advantages include a comprehensive and farsighted master plan; and a growing partnership among top developers and hospitality brands. It will also be the recipient of significant economic spillovers from being a central part of the Riau Special Economic Zone. With its combination of natural beauty, dynamic environment, recreational facilities, world-class shopping and entertainment, Treasure Bay Bintan is also an ideal location to own a home - as a primary residence, a second or vacation home, or as an investment opportunity.

The Master Plan calls for an impressive variety of building types and architectural styles, which will appeal to an equally broad range of middle and high-end buyers, yet all conforming to strict design standards and requirements to ensure quality and consistency. We invite developers, businesses and investors to be part of this one-of-a-kind coastal community. One that offers unrivalled opportunities to create your own visionary resort masterpiece. A community of many treasures.



 Crystal Lagoon

The 6.3 hectare Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan is South East Asia's first and largest recreational sea-water body that has undergone a process to make the sea-water "crystal clear”.The largest clear water body in South East Asia has been transform to an idyllic beach paradise created by a pioneering concept and state-of-the-art-technology.

The cutting edge technology provide ideal conditions for swimming and enjoying water sports in a unique, safe and environmentally friendly setting for the entire family. Crystal Lagoons' technology is sustainable and safe for the environment.

Besides being a visual feast, it is an interactive pool of water sports, attractions and entertainment. Even during the monsoon season, the lagoon is safe and perfectly swimmer-friendly that will offer interactive water activities suitable for the whole family.

The lagoon will offer a wide range of recreational and interactive water activities suitable for the whole family such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and many more.

Facts and figures about Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan

  • Largest lagoon in South East Asia at 6.3 hectares – equivalent of 8 football fields

  • First man-made seawater lagoon in South East Asia.
  • 800 meters from one end to another
  • Up to 2.5 meters in depth
  • Eco-friendly technology, uses approximately 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pools
  • Energy efficient, consumes only two percent of the energy needed by conventional filtration pools
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly, allowing limited resources such as energy and water to be used efficiently. The lagoon operates in a closed circuit that only needs to compensate for water loss caused by evaporation.


History of Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon was conceived in 1997 by Fernando Fischmann when he began planning San Alfonso del Mar, a real estate development in a small town on Chile's central coast. While the site featured breathtaking ocean views and was close to Santiago, the local shoreline was unattractive due to the frigid waters and dangerous conditions and swimming was prohibited in that area.

Fischmann, a biochemist, dreamed of creating a massive lagoon with crystal-clear turquoise waters that would provide visitors the chance to swim and enjoy water sports in safe, clean and warm waters. He then conducted research for several years until he finally succeeded in developing the Crystal Lagoons technology platform, which allows for the design and maintenance of sustainable lagoons.

San Alfonso del Mar was the first project in the world that included this innovative technology. The concept and technology drew worldwide attention when the 20-acre lagoon was awarded the 2007 Guiness World Records for the largest swimming pool in the world.  Fischmann founded Crystal Lagoon in 2007.

About Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon is an international technology company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands that has developed an innovative concept and technology, patented in 160 countries, allowing for the construction and maintenance of unlimited sized bodies of water in crystal clear conditions at low cost. Founded in 2007, Crystal Lagoons’ impressive turquoise waters are revolutionizing not only the real estate world but also water and energy production. Applications range from bringing idyllic beach life to locations otherwise thought unimaginable, to providing industrial solutions for closed-circuit cooling systems for thermal power plants and data-centers, amongst others.

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Chill Cove

Chill Cove is a designated "happening" spot to celebrate the beach lifestyle offering a cluster of resorts, F&B and retail outlets. This vibrant and exciting social hub comes alive with a variety of dining and eateries serving local and international cuisine, bars where you can enjoy a pulsating night of music and dance, spas to rejuvenate and retail.

The content of Chill Cove is a blend of themed attractions so your holiday does not end when the sun sets. Chill Cove will be the designated location for a host of activities aimed at providing a “happening” scene with different types of attractions developed for fun and excitement.


The Beach Bar is located in the heart of Treasure Bay Bintan overlooking the 6.3 hectare, Crystal Lagoon. The Beach Bar is a true icon of summer nights.  Kick back and relax as you enjoy stunning views of the lagoon, sip cocktails and chill to cool beach tunes at The Beach Bar.

The Beach Bar also serves up an all-day dining menu that offers local and international cuisine as well as nightly campfires and barbecues on selected days. The Beach Bar also provides catering services for private events such as birthday parties, corporate team building events and weddings.

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The Canopi

At the crossroads of luxury and the wilderness lies The Canopi, nestled amidst the lush greens and forestry of Bintan. The Canopi offers campers and adventure-seekers the best nature has to offer, yet all the comforts and indulgence befitting an 18th Century colonial explorer. The 2 hectare resort boasts of a 338 hectares adventure ground that includes a private mangrove river, the sea and spectacular 6.3 hectares salt water Crystal Lagoon.

Within The Canopi you would find a 40 Tent-Suite resort complete with modern luxuries, spa, meeting rooms and all-day dining facilities. The Canopi offers the best balance between the outdoor lifestyle and in-room comfort sophisticated modern travellers are seeking. 

The Canopi comprises 18 safari tent-suites, 11 lagoon access tent-suites and 11 jacuzzi tent-suites to cater to a variety of guests and their needs. The lagoon access tent-suites provide guests with spectacular views of the 6.3-hectare saltwater Crystal Lagoon, while jacuzzi tent-suites are equipped with a private outdoor jacuzzi.

All tents are fully air-conditioned, feature more than 400 square feet of spacious accommodation, and come with a private garden and patio.

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Surrounded by the rhythms of stillness and space, Mercure Bintan Resort is a harmony between nature, adventure and luxury located at the core of Treasure Bay Bintan, only 45 minutes away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore.

Slated to open in 2017, the 10-storey hotel offers 294 guest suites, including 267 superior suites, 9 deluxe suites, 14 family suites, and 4 terrace suites, ranging from 329 to 1351 square feet.

Mercure Bintan Resort boosts breath-taking views of the 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon, South East Asia’s first and largest recreational seawater body, which offers a wide range of interactive water sports and recreational activities for guests. The resort is situated within walking distance to Chill Cove, a vibrant cluster of dining, nightlife and retail outlets surrounding the lagoon.

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Ibis Budget will feature 162 tourist-class rooms, adding variety and accessibility to the selection of international and boutique brand names to the destination.  Ibis Budget will offer amenities such as meeting facilities and a breakfast lounge. Ibis Budget will provide essential comfort at a budget price. Ibis Budget is part of the Ibis Family network which includes more than 1,800 hotels globally.

Joining Accor’s hotel network, Mercure Bintan Resortand Ibis Budget will benefit from Accor’s 16 multi-language booking websites which generated over 20 million bookings worldwide last year, and were seen by around 300 million visitors and more than 18 million LeClub Accor hotels loyalty members.